Thursday, January 16, 2020

Deep State, Vatican Edition

Over here, Donald Trump is more-or-less the "anti-Deep State" guy.

In the Vatican, it appears that Pp. Francis 1 IS the "Deep State" guy.  Benedict XVI was the "anti-Deep State guy" over there. 

(That description ignores a lot of subtleties and cross-currents, but you get the idea.  This blogger imparts the same information, differently.)

So it got .........ahhh..........interesting.  The Deep State in the Church (which may have included Rembert Weakland on the low-smarts/bit-player side) was getting worried about B-16's orthodoxy and popularity.  So--somehow--B-16 was 'inspired' to resign, paving the way for a more accommodating Pope.

That is Francis I.

But that's not going very smoothly; a high-level and very knowledgeable Vatican State department guy, Mgr. Vigano, published a few lengthy letters which spilled a lot of beans--and he's running for his life at this time as a result.

Francis' teachings are often not consistent with Catholic tradition, nor with Scripture; as a result, many Catholics are simply ignoring him.  Even worse for him, the Church's finances are going from bad to much, much, worse; the Deep State players who have been looting the Church are out of his control.  At the same time, wealthy US Catholics have figured out they were played for patsies and wallets are snapping shut.

(My dear Prot pals:  this does NOT mean that the Church has become defectible; she is still the un-spotted Bride of Christ.)

But there are a whole lot of tumors eating away at Her.

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