Friday, January 31, 2020

Tony and Bernie: "People's" Gulags?

Tokin'Tony likes to emit gas about "People's" this and "People's" that.


Now Bernie--an open Communist--has a campaign ad featuring "the people's perfume."

No.  I am NOT making that up.

Does this mean that Maggie Gau is another BernieBro?  Could it be that Tokin'Tony, Maggie, and Bernie share an ambition to re-open the Gulag and massacre capitalists and bad-thinkers?

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Anonymous said...

Like Bernie, Evers is in way over his head. I'm beginning to think Evers never expected to beat Walker and never actually considered what all the job entails. I suppose you could argue that he's "making it his own" but he sure seems to consistently have a deer-in-the-headlights look to him. He has no idea what to do next.

Bernie is no different. The thread-bare white dress shirts, the wire frame w/coke-bottle lens glasses, and wild white hair may be a winning costume, but what can be easier than to espouse socialism while you live as a capitalist? His followers are obviously incapable of critical thinking if they're fooled by such simple affectations. As it stands now Bernie is living the American dream with gullible people throwing money at his feet for doing nothing more than criticizing others. Actual achievements are not required. The worst thing that can happen to Bernie would be to win.