Wednesday, January 29, 2020

FEEBS Push Their "Heroism" BS in Virginia

Given the horrible reputation the FBI has acquired over the last couple of years, it would seem that they should maintain a low profile and just do their job well.

But no.  They have to hype their "successes" and get caught.

...The New York Times, the Associated Press, and BuzzFeed narrative centered around the arrest of three men: William Bilbrough, Brian Lemley, and Canadian national Patrik Mathews–all members of the The Base, a white supremacist organization that interacts mostly online and aims to create a white ethno-state. The media implied the group was arrested while planning an attack at the Virginia rally, but that is not what law enforcement documents show.

Firstly, the group decided not to actually go to a rally. They also decided not to start any violence. They planned to wait for a race war to start, as voice recordings show, and then join in....
Apparently the FEEBS have no continuing interest in 30,000 emails from Hillary, which may still be in the possession of the New York Police Department.

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