Thursday, January 30, 2020

Black Lives Matter = Affirming Trannies?

One suspects that NO ONE in Milwaukee's black community was asked about this.

Next week is the “Black Lives Matter at School National Week of Action,” and Milwaukee Public Schools and its teachers’ union are all in. 

MPS will be hosting Black Lives Matter (BLM) events all week long, and the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association (MTEA) “strongly encourages all members to get involved.”  ...

A middle school or high school teacher following MTEA’s recommended lesson plan ....Wednesday is dedicated to “Queer Affirming, Transgender Affirming, and Collective Value.”...
This is nothing if not Colonialism writ large.  You remember:  the White Man's Burden--here "educating" the poor black children about Progress, defined as 'affirming homosexuality and transgenderism'.

Black people should stand up and scream bloody murder.

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