Saturday, January 18, 2020

Krason's Take on Pubbie Platform

Prof. Krason of Franciscan U. takes a look at Pubbie Platform and how it aligns with Catholic social teachings--you remember, the stuff from Leo XIII and John Paul II.

In general terms, it appears that the Pubbies endorsed many of the principles of Catholic social teaching in their 2012 (Romney-Ryan) campaign.  Trump didn't really change that platform.  (Read the entire essay; it's worth the few minutes.)

But he is actually working to implement parts of it.

...on economics and social welfare policy the thinking of conservatism and the Republican Party (as seen in the 2012 platform), to quote my book, “conforms pretty well to Catholic social teaching.”

So, the Republican Party’s closeness to Catholic social teaching on economics, while it has certainly undergone an evolution, did not begin with the Trump candidacy and presidency....
As the Democrat Party marches off the cliff of atheist socialism, and as the Libertarian/Extreme Capitalists/Amoralists become irrelevant to the national interest, Trump--of all people--emerges as the Great Unifier.

Stay tuned!

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