Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Local Gummints Steal Highway Funds for "Needs"

Technically, the locals are not "stealing" highway funds.  They're trying to take what Tokin'Tony is giving away--which are funds previously earmarked for local highway repairs.

So now it's not "Scott-holes"; it's Tony-Holes.

Even better is the outright lying from these local twerps.

...Mike Koles, executive director of the Wisconsin Towns Association, called it “a clear, undeniable record of the unmet needs.

“The needs are unquestionable, and while we realize this one-time grant program is not a long-term answer to more than a billion dollars of reported local community needs, it is a significant step in the right direction,” added League of Wisconsin Municipalities Executive Director Jerry Deschane....

"NEEDS"?  Really?  NEEDS??  The Propaganda-Lying School of Money-Grubbing is in session.

Let's look at these "needs":

 ...West Bend’s $4.1 million downtown riverwalk and the Potawatomi Tribe’s $600,000 ATV trail. However, some requests seemingly have nothing to do with transportation at all. The City of Spooner wants $3.9 million to renovate an old railroad station into a museum. The Village of Belleville wants $542,000 to restore their old train depot into business space. The Town of Solon Springs wants $347,500 for a scenic overlook....
There is no shame among these thieves.  None at all.

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