Sunday, January 26, 2020

Outcome-Based Lefty Hegemony

Y'all remember "outcomes-based" education, right?  It was the Very Best Thing back in the '80's/'90's, and pushed hard by the Usual Suspects in ed-yoo-mi-cay-shun.

But "outcome-based" was also a Lefty strategy to take over governance in every State, in D.C., and in lots of private industry, not just 'education' roles.

...This is how the game works. It’s not a contest of ideas, it’s a competition for jobs. As leftists take over human resources offices, reduce the number of conservatives on the faculty to less than 3 percent, make appointments to political office contingent upon compliance with political correctness, and exile troublemakers and nonconformists such as James Woods and Charles Murray, the game as conservatives used to understand it is over. Conservatives lost the war of positions long ago. Woods is a great actor, but so what? Murray is one of the great social scientists of our time, but no academic department would have him.

For the Left, outcomes trump procedure just as politics eclipses intelligence, conscientiousness, and competence....
And they have met their Nemesis:

....Donald Trump understands this. That’s one reason the Left despises him. He typically doesn’t bother to debate ideas and ideals, but this is not anti-intellectualism, as the liberal says. It is, instead, his awareness that politics is now, first and foremost, a battle of persons, not ideologies or tax rates or trade. The Kavanaugh episode proves the point, for this battle was all about the individual (which is one reason why Supreme Court appointments are so heated)....
This is not exactly a mystery-strategy; for years, we've known that personnel = policy.  It's just as true in private industry as it is in Gummint.

And it's equally meaningful in both.

It's long past time for Conservative governors and presidents to pack their governments with actual Conservatives, and I mean PACK them.  Meeting pushback, their response should be SD&STFU.

That's "outcome based" the right way.

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There are still way too many Republicans who prefer panties to either boxers or briefs.