Tuesday, January 28, 2020

"War-War" Bolton Goes All Brutus

Since it's not likely that "War-War" Bolton will get the prize--war with Iran--that he's sought for most of his 'professional' life, he decided that it's time to take down Caesar.

But nothing at all prevents Bolton from buying an AR-15, a few thousand rounds of ammo, some Kevlar and camo, and air-dropping himself into Tehran, where he can take on the mullahs in the Final Battle.  He could take his daughter along; after all, war-fighting is good for the children, right, John?

So why doesn't he do that?

If he asks nicely, Trump will probably pop for the airplane tickets.

Nah.  "War-War" is all hat and no cattle.  Except for the knife he stuck in Caesar's back.

And, according to Sen. Ron Johnson, Bolton or the NYSlimes may well be lying.

Ya think???

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