Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Utah's US Atty Huber: "The Fixer"

Jeff Sessions had a reputation for being an honest man.  While that may be true, it's more and more clear that Sessions was pretty damn dumb.

First, he allowed himself to be bamboozled into recusal from the Mueller "investigation."  Then he allowed most of the corruptocrats at Justice to remain on the payroll.  And he also appointed some dude named Huber to "investigate" the Uranium One deal.  That's the deal whereby Hillary/Obozo permitted the Russians to purchase 25% of the US' entire supply of uranium.

Hillary's "foundation" got $31 million on delivery, with another $100 million promised.

Now we learn a bit more about Sessions' appointment:

...Upon hearing of Huber’s appointment, a retired FBI Agent in Utah told us that “Huber is a fixer,” suggesting that nothing would happen with him in charge of the investigation. So far, that prediction is accurate. Huber has yet to even interview Campbell. In depth investigation, not....
So the Boy Scout, Sessions, has managed to demolish the reputation(s) of the FBI and DoJ; allowed the largest criminal conspiracy in political history to go un-punished (the Clinton Crime Syndicate); and the Russians walk away with the uranium.  And by the way, Mueller and his bunch of rabid dogs are banking about $2 million/month.

Small wonder that nobody in the Real World trusts anybody in D.C., eh?

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