Sunday, January 20, 2019

That "Racist Catholic Boys" Narrative? Not So Fast....

The Narrative is this:  Pro-Life, Catholic boys' High School kids sneer and jeer at Elder Native American who Merely Begs for Peace.

Why sure, if you think truth overflows and spills from the lips of CNN/MSNBC 'reporters'.

But why the Hell would you think that??

How about the other half of this story, eh?

You can go to this link to see a 2-page text from an eye-witness to the ENTIRE event, or you can read my very brief summary.

The kids were told to meet at the Lincoln Memorial at 5:30 for their bus-pickup and while gathered there, they decided to do some school cheers.  One of them was wearing a "MAGA" hat.  During their cheering, a group of (apparently) Native Americans pushed and shoved their way through the group and one of them confronted, nose-to-nose, a student.  (He is the student who is grinning in the widely-circulated picture, and that is perfectly normal for a kid who doesn't know how to react to a confrontation, folks.  Been there, done that, a long, long, time ago.)

At the link (above) there are links to videos showing the entire event--not just the parts that the race-baiter Indians and Press want you to see.

Sometime in the near future, someone else will pull a shit-show-stunt like that Indian "elder" did and he will wind up with his face ground into the concrete.

UPDATE:  Althouse agrees that CNN's story is bullshit.

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