Tuesday, January 29, 2019

It's Not Cuoma, Eminence; It's the Rest of Us

Monica Migliorino Miller--who we knew when she lived here--berates Cdl. Dolan for his mealy-mouthed response to Cuomo's murderous obscenity.  And she highlights one of Dolan's reasons for not whacking Cuomo with any Canonical penalties at all:

He even provided a very peculiar justification, that since Cuomo delights in his dissent from Church teaching, “he’s not going to be moved by this, so what’s the use?”
Frankly, Eminence, Cuomo is NOT the question.  He knows exactly what he did, and he knows exactly what his eternal destination will be.

No, Eminence, we don't care about what Cuomo thinks and Cuomo is not your principal concern.

Instead, you should be VERY concerned about what the Faithful think; and even more important, you should be VERY concerned about what every other citizen in the US thinks.  All of them (and we) look for a moral bulwark; the rock, the fortress, the strength.

No one responds to an uncertain trumpet, Eminence.  Stop trying to evangelize Cuomo and his ilk.  They have chosen badly and don't care what you say.  Instead,  become the trumpeter that all the rest of us need to find our path to salvation.


Aqua said...

Amazing that the laity need to educate our Bishops and Cardinals. But we clearly do.

We need to go to the peripheries and save them. Most of them have lost the Faith.

The Deposit of Faith remains, like a stone wall, Cardinal Dolan. It cannot be moved. Come back!

stevenbroiles said...

Yes: It's not about what Cuomo thinks. The Faithful need to know that the Cardinal takes a formal stand. They need to know that there is a penalty to be paid.

Excommunication is an act of love when considered as a remedy of warning to the excommunicated. But it is also a matter of simple justice, and part of that justice is the Church publicly recognizing scandal.

So, Yes, "What is the use?" with Cuomo fits Cuomo's "bill," but the need for justice by Dolan still has NOT been filled. Your Eminence, refuse to do this and YOU are now also in the wrong.

S said...

May he choke on his corn beef and cabbage,
and if it be God's will, have St. Patrick
smote him, free the beef and wake the
cow up.

Fr. VF said...

Dolan pretends (following the lead of McCarrick, Wuerl, Chaput, O'Malley, Cupich, McElroy, Tobin, etc.) that he has the AUTHORITY to choose whether to deny Communion to pro-aborts. He absolutely does not.

It is a MORTAL SIN disobey canon 915. It is ALWAYS a cause of grave scandal. Therefore, it is preposterous to say that a bishop may "prudently" or "legitimately" give pro-aborts Communion. It is a MORTAL SIN.

It appears impossible to get the bishops to comprehend that they have any OBLIGATIONS--and that when they shirk those obligations, they are committing MORTAL SIN.

It's always word salads consisting of "pastoral approach," "prudence," "consequences."

The bishops' total unfamiliarity with the concepts of OBLIGATION and MORTAL SIN is one of the more obvious signs that they are not Catholics.

Anonymous said...

The writer is on the right track but needs to take it a step further. "No your Eminence, you need to consider what GOD thinks! After all you are on his payroll and that's what you are paid to do."

jmbutk said...

What do we expect from a Cowardinal?

Dad29 said...

Yes, what God thinks is primary.