Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Nathan Phillips Is a Fraud, Mandela

Our Leftenant-Governor (yes, that's an acceptable pronunciation!) throws the truth into the toilet to make some sort of point.

...“Because unfortunately America can still be a mob of high school students wearing red hats, inspired by what they see in the nation’s highest office,” Barnes said. “The audacity of surrounding and taunting a native American Vietnam war veteran.”

Barnes then repeated the name of the man involved in the conflict, Nathan Phillips, three times, calling him an American hero. In the additional reporting, Phillips acknowledged that it was he who first approached the students. Barnes then said, “the audacity of those high school children yelling ‘build the wall’ is convenient ignorance.”...
"Ignorance" is a property with which you are intimately familiar, Lefty-Gov.

Phillips is a fraud.  He is NOT a Vietnam veteran.

He is not a "hero".  He is a political grifter-opportunist with a noisy little drum.

"Audacious ignorance", Mandela.  Own it.

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