Friday, January 25, 2019

"Covington" Was a Democrat-Alinsky Op

As if we didn't suspect it already, it is now very clear:  that whole "Covington" thing was a Democrat op from minute one. 

Actually started with some Guamian native rabble-rouser, then migrated to a fake Twitter account clearly run by another Alinsky-type.

The MSM simply bought the story, hook/line/sinker and pushed it.  No checking, no on-the-ground who-what-where-why-when--just pushed it.  So yah, they are fools and tools; and so are all the people who believe the MSM.


Michael Dowd said...

Agree. It had all the right earmarks: double race baiting--Indian, Black Israelites. Ridiculous fuse: MAGA hat. Real target: Donald Trump Weak opposition: High School students. Cowardly supporters: Catholic Bishops. Friendly allies: MSM.

Fr. VF said...

The whole incident showed that the default position of many Catholic bishops is that pro-lifers are villains. Not only were the students condemned for their MAGA hats, the entire March for Life was condemned because most of the marchers are not "seamless garment" or "consistent ethic of life" supporters. (Translation: they don't vote for pro-abortion Democrats--which has ALWAYS been the point of the "seamless garment" and "consistent ethic of life.")

Michael Dowd said...

Fr. VF has it exactly right. Bishops don't like the focused nature of the Right to Lifers as it is contrary to their pro-Democrat seamless garment garbage. Pro-Life March embarrasses the Bishops in front of their mostly Democrat friends. Our Bishops are a scandal to the Church in their lack of courage to defend the faith, etc. etc.