Thursday, January 17, 2019

Lefty Double-Talk on Tariffs and Taxes

Gotta love the left-o-liars, right?

Today, Bloomberg News announced that 'tariffs on Chinese goods are paid by US consumers.'

No kidding, really?

They also announce that 'tariffs are taxes' on US consumers.

No kidding, really??

And as a wrap-up, they found someone to tell us that, while the Gummint has increased tariff revenues by $3Bn in the first quarter, tariffs cost even more because 'farm aid'.  (Naturally, they forgot all about re-opened steel and aluminum mills here, which pay taxes, and forgot about all those steelworkers and aluminum workers who ALSO pay taxes.)

But there's something else......

The Wackdoodle-Left Occasional-Cortex types want much higher taxes on eeeeeeeeeeeeevil Corporations.

Who's going to pay that tax? 

Remember:  they see tariffs as "taxes" and US consumers PAY those "taxes."  But you're NEVER going to hear that US consumers will pay those corporate taxes from the Left. 

Yes, it's double-talk.  It's what they do.

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