Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Useless Wind Farm

Not only are they a hazard to your mental health and rather expensive; they were USELESS in Minnesota's cold snap.

...Yesterday central Minnesota experienced a natural gas “brownout,” as Xcel Energy advised customers to turn thermostats down to 60 degrees and avoid using hot water. Xcel put up some customers in hotels. Why?

Because the wind wasn’t blowing. Utilities pair natural gas plants with wind farms, in order to burn gas, which can be ramped up and down more quickly than coal, when the wind isn’t blowing.
Which raises the question: since natural gas is reliable, why do we need the wind farms? The answer is, we don’t. When the wind isn’t blowing–as it wasn’t yesterday–natural gas supplies the electricity. It also heats homes, and with bitter cold temperatures and no wind, there wasn’t enough natural gas to go around. The resulting “brownout” has been a political shock in Minnesota....
Nice, eh??  Bp. Dewane should move up here and......ahhh......chill out!!  We all know he doesn't like burning natgas, so here's his chance to Save the World!!

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