Monday, January 21, 2019

No Mention of Mandated Coverages Here!!

The JS runs a mid-length article about how AWFUL the Republican 'pre-existing conditions' bill is here in Wisconsin, and how--if ObozoCare is struck down--premiums will skyrocket.

Throughout the entire article, there is NO mention of the ObozoCare mandated coverages (such as forcing men to pay for pregnancy coverage for themselves), nor of the "level premium" requirement between 24-year-olds and 58-year-olds.  There is a passing reference to the ObozoCare requirement that there will be no 'lifetime cap' on benefits, and there is NO mention of the insanely high premiums/deductibles/copays for existing ObozoCare packages.

In other words, the JS' "coverage" isn't really "coverage".  It's a "Conservatives Bad/ObozoCare Good" propaganda piece.

Who'da thunk??

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