Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Fun Fact About Trump's Cabinet

Treehouse provides an interesting factoid about Trump's Cabinet selections....

Condi Rice recommended: Rex Tillerson, HR McMaster, Nikki Haley and James Mattis.
All Certified Members of the GOPe borderline-Never-Trump crowd of rummies.  Remember, Tillerson voted to include queers in the Boy Scouts--and queer LEADERS in the Boy Scouts, too.  Haley stopped at the UN to polish up her creds for a Presidential run in 2024; McMaster plotted against Trump, and Mattis likes perma-wars.

Condi Rice.  GWBush, the Fail.....

Reading the rest of the post, it appears that Rice was too busy practicing the piano to worry about the upcoming 9/11 event.  Czerny would be proud of her--except that Czerny was a Hungarian nationalist.  He probably would have had Rice shot at dawn.

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There is no end to the treachery.