Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Pope Parrhesia Says "Shut Up!"

Early in his .......uummmmnnnhhh......pontificate........Pp. Francis the Jesuit called for "parrhesia," a Greek-derived term meaning "boldness or freedom of speech" according to Webster's

Yah, well, some parrhesiacs are more equal than others, eh?

Pope Francis on Monday said "silence and prayer" were the answer to those seeking "scandal and division", amid a barrage of attacks from ultra-conservative Catholics....

No need to "seek scandal and division," Your Parrhesia-ness.  You put that stuff right on the front page and in a number of  Vatican offices.  I have a list beginning with McCarrick, but it's too damn long to fit into a blog-post.

And if the idiot MSN-typist thinks that people revolted by homosexual predator-Cardinals are "ultra-conservative," I have news for him/her/it:  that would be about 90++% of the country.   Screw your editorialized "news".

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GOR said...

When the story of this pontificate is written it will not be about Pope Francis’ mercy, it will be about his HYPOCRISY…saying one thing and doing the opposite, outright lying and calling it virtue. The man is a disgrace to his office and a scandal. He may be the darling of the MSM (fleeting as that may be) but he has nothing to say that I want to hear.

Silence from him would be a good thing. A pity it didn’t start five years ago!