Thursday, January 14, 2016

Charlie Sykes, Haley, Clinton, and Parsing

Charlie tells us that Gov. Haley's counter-SOTU speech is "similar" to two speeches of Ronald Reagan regarding the immigration issue.


Let's clear some underbrush here.  I hold no brief on Gov. Haley.  Good story, good conservative.  OK?

But Charlie, "similar" is not "same."  And ever since Clinton, we've learned that Parsing Is Good.  You remember Clinton, don't you, Charlie?  You ought to:  you castigated that bumpkin lying sack plenty of times, because Bill Clinton taught us that "similar" is not "same."

Charlie cites a Wall Street Journal editorial and slides down the cliff.  See, the WSJ has always been a corporatist-apology outfit.  Actual US citizens (unlike GE/Disney/Google/Intel) care about jobs for US citizens, not cheap labor.

And Gov. Haley's 'work hard' has become Corporatist Code for "slave wages."  That's parsing, Charlie.

Of course, she didn't mean that.  Right?

Or did she?

Charlie, have you read the Spanish version of Haley's speech?  Care to read THAT on the air, Charlie?

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