Thursday, January 07, 2016

Dallas Bishop Pops Off, Embarrasses Self

This poor fellow doesn't seem to get it.

In a blistering critique of what he describes as congressional kowtowing to the “gun lobby,” the Roman Catholic bishop of Dallas is praising President Obama’s new actions on gun control and ripping the "cowboy mentality" that allows open carry laws like one that just went into effect in Texas.

"Thank God that someone finally has the courage to close the loopholes in our pitiful gun control laws to reduce the number of mass shootings, suicides and killings that have become a plague in our country," Bishop Kevin Farrell wrote in a column, posted on his website on Jan. 5.

"President Barack Obama’s executive actions, though modest, are first steps in correcting gun laws so weak that they are ludicrous," he wrote. "Congress has unabashedly sold itself to the gun lobby. If there was ever any doubt, its recent action to kill legislation to ban people on the terrorist no-fly list made it obvious."

At least--so far--he hasn't said that Church doctrine opposes self-defense and the defense of others.

So far.

Altogether a silly, uninformed, rant.  Embarrassing.

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Catholic - Dallas Diocese said...

I think your Clint Eastwood meme says it all.