Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Say WHAT, Marco???

Rubio, an earnest young man, pushed the "Gang of Eight" immigration bill.  It's very, very friendly to illegals who become convicted of serious offenses in the US.

Thank God it failed! 

But Marco still likes it, as you can see here.

What's wrong with the bill??  Here's an explanation by Byron York:

The legislation forbade the legalization of immigrants who had been convicted of a felony or of three or more misdemeanors. But there were some big exceptions.

First, if breaking the immigration laws was an “essential element” of any criminal conviction, it wouldn’t count. Second, the bill said the three misdemeanors that could disqualify an immigrant would count as three misdemeanors only “if the alien was convicted on different dates for each of the three offenses.” That meant that in the case of a person accused of multiple misdemeanors, and convicted of them during a single court session — a fairly common occurrence — the multiple convictions would count as just one conviction for the purposes of the Gang of Eight bill. Given that in some U.S. jurisdictions, some cases of vehicular manslaughter, drunk driving, domestic violence, sex offenses and theft are all categorized as misdemeanors, an illegal immigrant could be convicted of multiple serious crimes and still stay in the country. Finally, Rubio gave the Secretary of Homeland Security broad authority to issue waivers to criminal immigrants. ‘The secretary may waive [the misdemeanor and other requirements] on behalf of an alien for humanitarian purposes, to ensure family unity, or if such a waiver is otherwise in the public interest,’ the bill said. That could mean almost anything

Why does Marco still think this is a good idea?

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