Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lies, Murder, and Rep. Vos

Mr. Popcorn, a/k/a Robin Vos, proves the verity of the old saw that 'lies and murder are bedfellows.'

See, Robin Vos really, really, really, likes murdered babies being subjects of "research" at UW-Madistan.

So he lies about it.  On television.

...Vos lied when he claimed on television (2:15 mark onward) that aborted fetal tissue is not used in research in Wisconsin.

“Now, luckily, it [aborted fetal tissue research] is not occurring,” Vos told WISN television’s Mike Gousha before complaining that, “There are some [lawmakers] who want to go further, and they want to work on um, trying to eliminate some potential types of research, and I just have a serious concern about what type of affect that will have on the UW.”

But the University of Wisconsin has used aborted fetal tissue in research, and contrary to Vos’ claims, pro-life lawmakers have narrowly targeted their proposed aborted fetal tissue research ban at research that uses fetal tissue from abortions....

For some strange reason, Mr. Vos defends UW's practice of buying chop-shop baby parts.

"Strange" is a very kind way to phrase it. 

Somebody ought to primary this popcorn-peddling liar.

HT:  BadgerCatholic

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