Friday, January 01, 2016

The "Let It Burn" Movement: Donald Trump

Following the Boehner/McConnell/Ryan treacheries of 2014 and 2015, a number of non-beltway pundits have mentioned the "let it burn" course of action.  In brief, the case for "let it burn" goes like this:  1)  Obama is acting to destroy the US ethos; 2)  the "opposition" does not oppose, and in most cases, facilitates; so 3) screw all of them and let the Republic go down in flames.

It should be clear to anyone with an IQ north of room temperature that this is not a solution.  More important, however, anyone who proposes it is certainly not a Conservative.  In fact, as we learned recently, this is precisely the Left's prescription.  (40% of The Donald's supporters are (D) voters, ya'know.)

The Donald is the personification of "let it burn."  What he proposes, generally, is simply a continuation of Obamistic rule by fiat.  There is little or no Constitutional support for many of The Donald's proposals, and Congressional action to legitimize his programs is highly unlikely (at least in the form he proposes them.)

Trading a tin-pot for a sterling-silver pot is not a solution, no matter what Little Annie Coulter says.

Trumpism is Obamism with bad hair and disguised by appeals to a "patriotism" which stuffs the rule of law into the toilet.  We can not and must not allow that to happen again.

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