Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Who ELSE Confiscates Weapons?

You know the list of weapons-confiscators:  Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, yadayada.

There's another entry!!

ISIS was telling everyone, ‘We’re all brothers,’ ” Abu Malik said. “They let people smoke and drink. At the checkpoints, they distributed presents to the kids. They ate with people, drank tea with people. They were very nice—they didn’t bother anyone. Then, a week or so after they arrived, they started confiscating weapons. They told us it didn’t matter if we’d been with the Awakening or the Army or the police—if we gave up our weapons, we’d be forgiven. Ten days later, they started taking people. Everything changed. They took my cousin. My brothers dug holes in the fields and hid. I was at my house when they came for me. It was afternoon....   --New Yorker quoted at the Captain's place

So far, the Democrat Party hasn't succeeded on that gambit here.  And now you know why.

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