Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Goodie! NSA Spying Funded Again!!

The oleaginous Majority Leader protects his own.

The NSA will likely get a gift from Sen. Mitch McConnell this week: a massive reauthorization of their metadata collection and surveillance program, codified in the PATRIOT Act. Even though the NSA's practice of invading privacy to collect cell phone information is uniformly unpopular with both parties, and measures have been taken to reform the process and even interrupt the NSA's authority, in pursuit of a perfect record of completion for the Senate, McConnell is bypassing objectors and shoving the bill through. It could allow the NSA to keep scanning your phone bills for evidence of your terrorist activities through 2020.

Did you ever doubt that there is a Ruling Class?  It's bi-partisan, of course.  We have the (D) Chisholm neo-Nazi and the (R) McConnell Stasi-enabler.

In case you can't tell the difference, McConnell is fatter and shorter.

Oh, by the way:  don't buy ammo over the phone, or on the 'net.

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