Friday, April 17, 2015

The Cost of ObozoCare Is Very High

We know a couple who both work outside the home. 

His employer offers health insurance which has total deductibles/copays of around $4,000/year (single coverage) in addition to premium payments of ~$200/month.  Her employer offers health insurance (family) with deductibles/copays of around $5,000/year but there is no visible premium charged for coverage.  (It's buried in the pay-scale.)

This year, her employer decided to back-charge for 'spousal coverage'.  The reason?  The Company now has ObozoCare compliant insurance and it's considerably more expensive than last year's plan.

So she is now paying $300.00/month in premiums in addition to whatever is "buried" in the pay-scale, with exactly the same deductible/copay scheme as was in force last year.

IOW, ObozoCare added $3600/year in insurance costs for this couple, who are lower-middle class folks.

They'll survive, of course.  But that $3600.00 is money which will not be spent someplace else.  It's a deduct straight off the bottom line.

There are 3-4,000 other folks working for her company who have just gotten a similar kick in the ass from Obozo.

But RoJo doesn't really want to fight this thing too hard, ya'know.

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