Friday, April 10, 2015

An Issue for Tomorrow's Conservative Gathering

Wiggy has advertised tomorrow's Dohnal-fest; speakers will include Ryan, Johnson, and Grothmann.

Maybe someone will care to toss this little item into the mix:

...Contrary to Republican groupthink, traditional conservatives don’t see the gay marriage issue as a “one issue voter” does.  They don’t have temper tantrums.  They don’t “hate gays.” But, if it is to last, the party must stand for traditional marriage, AND limited government, AND a foreign policy that protects our national interests as well as our allies, AND low taxes, AND border security, AND a vibrant economy through the relentless application of capitalism.

Platform aside, if the party could simply do what they claim to be in favor of, libertarians and the youth will vote for their own upward mobility, and cease their fixation on the mess that radical egalitarianism produces.

Yah, well, I dare you to do so.

Watch them all run away and hide, like they did on the budget, ObozoCare, and illegal immigration.

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