Monday, April 27, 2015

Chisholm Goes Ape-Shit

Remarked upon by the Legal Beagle of sanity in Wisconsin.

The elected District Attorney of Milwaukee County actually suggested that someone who criticized him should be charged with a crime.

Let's start with the easy part. ...The question is not whether Walker was "right" or "wrong." At minimum, one would have to show that Walker made statements of fact (not opinion). At minimum, one would have to show, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he knew the statements were untrue or acted with reckless disregard of their truth and falsity. Even then, there remain serious constitutional questions regarding the criminalization of political speech.There is no way - not in this country - that such a prosecution could ever succeed.

But the problem here is larger than a single lawyer's understanding of constitutional law or appreciation for the First Amendment. Any lawyer who suggests that political speech should be criminally prosecuted might expect to be laughed at. But when that lawyer has the power to invoke the machinery of the criminal law, it is no longer a laughing matter.

It's more clear why Kluka suddenly bailed out of this whole fermenting pile of crap.  She saw the actual nature of Chisholm, his little Rasputin Landgraf, and Francis Schmitz--not to mention the utterly craven activists at Government Accountability Board in Madistan.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't give Barbara Kluka a pass - she rubber-stamped the warrants that turned into the pre-dawn raids in a single afternoon. At most, she didn't want to be swept into the Eric O'Keefe federal lawsuit.

Headless Blogger said...

So of all the judges in the state, why did Shirley choose Kluka?

Aged parent said...

"There is no way - not in this country - that such a prosecution could ever succeed."

Dad, you may want to ask the Christian cake makers their opinion of that sentence.