Thursday, April 02, 2015

Has-Been (R) Queer "Marriage" Supporters

Courtesy of RedState, we find a few familiar names on the amicus asking SCOTUS to override the Constitutions of 31++ States and impose that which is contrary to nature.  The easily-recognized names:

Dan Blum, Deputy Campaign Manager, Scott Walker 2011/12, RNC Analyst 2007/09

Rudy Giuliani

Liz Mair, former online commo specialist for Walker

Paul Wolfowitz

Ben Domenech, ex-TThompson speechwriter

...and a few more.

The list consists largely of has-beens, heavily salted with campaign consultants from the Romney (loser), McCain (loser), and Giuliani (loser) groups.  It's also heavily salted with lawyers and lots of Bush-Cheney creatures, both appointees and campaign detritus.

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