Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Kirk on Socialism and Capitalism

As one might expect, clear vision from Kirk.

He quotes Roepke:

“Socialism—helped by the uprooted proletarian existence of large numbers of the working class and made palatable for them by just as rootless intellectuals, who will have to bear the responsibility for this—is less concerned with the interests of these masses than with the interests of these intellectuals, who may indeed see their desire for an abundant choice of positions of power fulfilled by the socialist state.

Sure looks that way after 6 years of the Marxist White House, ain'a?

But he's equally sanguine about "capitalism".

The “capitalist” ideologues who proclaim that the Holy Market is the be-all and end-all are working their own destruction. As truly private property gives way to colossal mergers and combinations, the prediction of Marx is increasingly fulfilled: monopolies and oligopolies find few defenders in rough times, and are converted readily into agencies of the state. As the liberals’ moral nihilism dissolves the inner order and the outer, truly things fall apart....

....a lesson for which Tim Carney provides evidence every single day.  Or--if you don't want to look him up--look at how the public utilities (monopolies) are tax collectors for Big Green of D.C.  Another:  Big Health (Hospitals/Insurers/Pharmas), now obsequious servants to Obozo.

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