Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Judge Kluka (Nazi Sympathizer) and the SSSF

Seems like Judge Kluka--who authorized the neo-Nazi raids of Chisholm and Schmitz--plays the Little Catholic Girl card on the side.

Barbara Kluka is a long-time associate who was born, raised, and has lived most of her life near Kenosha, Wisconsin. As a single person, she has pursued a life of quiet holiness since childhood, when she learned to play the organ and played at daily Masses and for funerals in her parish. 

Barbara attended St. Joseph High School in Kenosha, where she became acquainted with the School Sisters of St. Francis community*. Sister Ruth La Mothe was one of her teachers. She introduced Barbara to others sisters and brought her...

...Now that she is retired, Barbara is available to go where she can be of service in many areas, such as occasionally filling in as court commissioner or doing private mediations. She teaches occasional classes in Business Law at an area college, and attends meetings and events with the sisters at St. Joseph Center in Milwaukee....

How very sweet. But it gets better!

...Her greatest cause for optimism is that the present economic situation has given people an opportunity to examine what is really important in their lives. She hopes this examination will strengthen family life and improve the care of children....

Oh, yes, FAMILIES!!  Like the ones whose homes were plundered by the SturmGewehr; whose children still have nightmares over the pre-dawn armed raids.

Yes, Barbara, it's For the Children.

Perspicacious readers will recognize the importance of St Joseph/Kenosha, by the way. 

*Actually, the old OSF order, which ran Alverno College and occupied the S. Layton Blvd motherhouse.  Area Catholics will recall that Alverno was a hotbed of Leftism in the '60's.  That Leftism is vestigially present even though the OSF order was subsumed into the SSSF's--which was another order entirely.

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