Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Why Vote (R), Indeed!

Jeff Lord was in the Reagan Administration.  He asks a good question, preceded by this:

...three different people at three different times had their own description of the problems so many see with moderate Republicans. Buckley called them “an identifiable team of Fabian operators is bent on controlling both our major political parties (under the sanction of such fatuous and unreasoned slogans as “national unity,” “middle-of-the-road,” “progressivism,” and “bipartisanship”). Thatcher’s disdainful terms for British moderate Conservatives was the “wets” or “consensus politicians,” while Reagan scorned the same people as “fraternal order” Republicans....

("Fraternal Order" of high-school class presidents.....heh.)

To the point:  Christie-type "moderates" are a waste of oxygen (and votes.)

Screw 'em.

And yes, I know that the high-school class president (R) flunky will show up and have the usual comment.

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