Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The GirlyGirls: Ryan, Sensenbrenner, Boehner

Nothing more need be said.

House Republicans are getting ready to surrender: There will be no serious fight over the debt limit.
The most senior figures in the House Republican Conference are privately acknowledging that they will almost certainly have to pass what’s called a clean debt ceiling increase in the next few months,...

Well, one thing:  "Thanks, Paul Ryan!!"


Anonymous said...

Just think if we all got behind the rednecks from Duck dynasty. It's becoming clear they are the chosen ones who will unite the Party.

Dad29 said...

Too bad there aren't 537 of them.

ALL of Congress and the P/VP slots, too!

John Mitchell said...

Then it's settled. You are running for political office. After all, you da Man with all of the answers, right?

John Mitchell said...

And your new comment policy sucks. Then again, you hate the First Amendment.

Dad29 said...

That settles it.

You'll run your own blog because you have all the answers on policies.

Besides, being a full-time troll like you sucks. Your mom wants you to do better and move out of her basement.