Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Real "TEA Party"

Well-written summation of the current crisis:

...Today’s parties, sadly, are coalitions bent on gaining political office. Our political scientists have been telling us this for decades, and there always was some truth to the claim. Such truths become more “true,” as it were, over time as principle becomes subject to mockery and the benefits of servitude to the state increase. The result, sadly, is not more “practical” governance, but rather an increase in corruption and an increased susceptibility to ideological extremism. And mere practicality will serve us ill in such times. The mere pursuit of interest cannot defeat the pursuit of ideology, for whatever “practical” benefits a politician without principle may offer, the ideologue’s promises will be infinitely more grand and appealing. Only after disaster strikes will mere practicality have a chance to win the day, and then it will be too late.

We should not be looking, then, for independents in our politics. We should be giving our support to those within our political parties who seek to return them to sane principles, rather than the combination of ideology and self-interest into which they have devolved. This may no longer be possible, at least directly, at the national level. But one can hope to find like-minded people of character in one’s locality within whom one may make common cause on the basis of principle. One thing is for certain: no amount of “common sense” or “rugged individualism” will make up for an independent-minded connection to principle and good character.

This observation could have come straight from Mark Levin or RedState, but it didn't.  And it should serve as a reminder to the Pubbies (yoo-hoo, Sen. Fitzgerald) that the TEA Party is your conscience calling.

That is, if you have principles.


Anonymous said...
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Billiam said...

I don't know. Seen too many 'Republicans' with little character, much less spine these days. They seem to have no conscience. Doesn't leave much, Dad..

Anonymous said...

With barely 18 percent approval rating, the tea party is in its last throes, if you will.

Anonymous said...

Well, then, Billiam, why don't you take Dad29's lead and run for office. After all, you both have a conscience...use it! The Tea Party needs your leadership!

Anonymous said...

Billiam, why don't you follow in Dad29's lead and come over here and suck my penis. I promise to tap your head as I am about to shoot my load.

Anonymous said...

I want to buttfuck you, Billiam. Get over here and pull down your pants, boy.