Thursday, January 02, 2014

John Roberts, Hero of Conservatism?

Well, here's a different take on Roberts' ObozoCare decision.

....When the Supreme Court ruling came down, a shocked conservative historian, Paul Rahe, cited as a cause the PR pressure that President Barack Obama had been exerting on the Court in the fevered weeks leading up to the decision.  It was "an act of judicial cowardice," he fumed.  But then he added, "There is, I am confident, more to it than this."

What that "more" consists of has been growing more apparent by the day -- with the ongoing and painfully obvious parade of disasters, and the accelerated emergence of government by decree....

That text follows this quote:

The Pyrrhic victory Democrats secured for themselves [when President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law] may prove not to have been a victory at all but rather an ever-roiling, ongoing, and recurring act of political and ideological self-destruction.  --Tevi Troy, Commentary

IOW, Roberts decided to let Obozo/Pelosi/Reid have their way, which will result in the demolition of the Democrat Party.


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Anonymous said...

It's might prove interesting to watch as those Justices perceived as being liberal twist themselves into knots trying to find legal justification for altering the ACA in the name of social justice. What kind of lifeline can they toss to the political fools?