Tuesday, January 07, 2014

"SQUIRREL!!" (R) Politics

The guy's heart may be in the right place.  But he should re-examine the fundamentals.

Proposed sales tax holidays on school supplies and certain appliances could deliver increased tax revenue, says Sen. Rick Gudex.
"People who are inclined to go out and buy items on that particular weekend may be inclined to buy other things that are taxable," the Fond du Lac Republican told "UpFront with Mike Gousha," produced in partnership with WisPolitics.com .

...Under Gudex's proposal, the first weekend in August would see a suspension of taxes on school-related supplies, including computers and apparel.

During a November tax holiday, purchases of energy efficient appliances and winterization materials would be tax-free.

"...we are seeing excess sales tax revenue," said Gudex. "When we start to see that kind of revenue come in, we start to think of ways we can help people in the state of Wisconsin.

"Tax holidays" are the "SQUIRREL!!" for politicians.  "Look, over there!!  We spend way too much money, but you can save 5% of 2% of your budget here!!  One-Time-Only!! This Weekend!!"

If you really want to "help," Senator, cut State spending by about 15%.  Then cut both income AND sales taxes.

Barnum may be right, of course.  But you can't fool everybody, Senator.

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