Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stuff You Don't Know About Scott Walker

Recently had a conversation with a rather pleasant person who told me, in all seriousness, that:

---Scott Walker had sold Devil's Lake State Park to the Koch Brothers, and that

---Scott Walker will raise the Wisconsin sales tax to 13%.  Single-handedly.

I expressed some surprise that the sale of Devil's Lake was not mentioned by any newspapers.  That didn't deter my interlocutor one bit. 

Must be a double secret thing, eh?


Anonymous said...

Good Stuff?

Got something more some proof?

Anonymous said...

We've unearthed solid proof that Scooter will re-enroll at MATC to finish his undergraduate degree in 2014 after losing to Burke. We commend him for completing his education.

Anonymous said...

Ya that education thing has worked out so well for Dumbo Obozo.

Anonymous said...

Why do liberals so ardently believe learning can only take place while sitting in a classroom.

Walker will win by 5%. 15% if Wisconsin's enacted laws stop being stalled in a Dane County courtroom.