Tuesday, January 07, 2014

40 Million Guns in Two Years

Interesting numbers in a nation of 310 million.

The total number of background checks conducted for gun sales last year add up to 21,093,273, beating the previous 2012 record of 19,592,303 by 1,500,970.

That's ~40 million guns in 2 years.  Add another 16.5 million from 2011 and that .......unpleasant rebellion stuff.......is not all that far-fetched.

We are grateful to President Obama for his success in stimulating the gun industry, too!!


Billiam said...

Just purchased my M&P's younger brother. Next up, the XDS.

Anonymous said...

You're assuming each of the checks allowed the purchase to go through. You also failed to mention how stats support a correlation between rejected purchases and spikes in online penis pump sales.

Dad29 said...

Lefty projection again.

You didn't pass the NICS check and instead purchased for your other need, eh?

Anonymous said...

Who would have guessed that NRA fear tactics targeted at stupid people would be such great business? Oh that's right, the NRA and pretty much everyone with a brain.

Anonymous said...

When your opponent speaks the truth about something scary, accuse them of using scare tactics. Libs with power are far more scary than red necks with guns.

Anonymous said...

Stupid liberals always fall for anti-gun scare tactics.