Saturday, January 04, 2014

Fitzgerald: Gutless Wonder Running for Governor

Oh, yes, he IS running for Governor; he expects Walker to bail out for the '16 Presidential.

Meantime, he's just being a gutless wonder.

On New Year’s Eve, Sen. Scott Fitzgerald, the Republican leader of the state Senate, suggested that he would abort two pro-life bills in the 2014 session. One bill deals with mandated contraception coverage in health insurance plans, the other bans sex-selective abortions....

When Dale Schultz backs a bill--and Fitzgerald won't bring it up--you know little Fitzie has no balls.

Fitzie:  it takes balls to be Governor, too.  It seems that you're not qualified.


Billiam said...

He's a modern day Republican, Dad..

steveegg said...

Or, as those of us old enough to remember can put it, a DemocRAT circa 1978 (and not the ones who voted for Reagan in 1980 and 1984 either).