Sunday, January 19, 2014

The (R) Establishment Bozos

Nice summary of the Big Spender Pubbies here from Carney.  All of them threw large money at Coburn's opponent, a squish named Humphreys.

...Nickles contributed to Humphreys in the primary, as did Oklahoma's junior senator, Jim Inhofe. Tom Cole was a congressional candidate that year, but he was also the political boss of the Oklahoma GOP, and his campaign contributed to Humphrey in the primary. So did GOP Rep. Wes Watkins of Oklahoma, who had served with Coburn in the House. Coburn’s other Oklahoma colleague in the House, J.C. Watts, endorsed Humphreys.

Meanwhile, the entire Senate leadership also backed Humphreys against Coburn. Majority Leader Bill Frist, Majority Whip Mitch McConnell and Republican Policy Committee Chair Jon Kyl all poured money into Humphreys’ campaign.

Republicans on the Senate Appropriations Committee also were not thrilled about Coburn coming into the upper chamber and crimping their style. Appropriators Kay Bailey Hutchison, Judd Gregg, Richard Shelby and Ted Stevens all gave PAC money to Humphreys. Republicans John Sununu, Gordon Smith and Saxby Chambliss also spent to keep Coburn out....

Coburn bows out due to illness--but the real cancers are above, in red.

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