Sunday, November 03, 2013

Whatever Happened to Anne?

Protein Wisdom is not on Anne Coulter's Christmas card list any more.

...They are actively seeking to run “pro-business” corporatist candidates against TEA Party incumbents — even as Ann Coulter, who when she wasn’t humping Mitt Romney was humping the hamhocks of Chris Christie, suggests that our desire to primary those Republicans who actively fight against our wishes is insane and near treasonous.  Revealing herself for who she really is:  just another Connecticut GOP party flak who got rich telling conservatives what they once wanted to hear.....

Which reminds me that Little Anne was supposed to show up in Milwaukee, but there was a "scheduling conflict" Anne.

Reading between the lines, her appearance didn't draw more than 100 paid admissions because Little Anne blew her creds with her Christie/Romney affections.


Anonymous said...

Coulter's words and actions are deliberately designed to bring her glory!

The book, Vanity: Ann Coulter's Quest for Glory, is a free PDF download at

Dad29 said...

I never considered Coulter to be 'glorious,' and she's only funny about 10% of the time.

Her opinion of herself may be different.

Anonymous said...

She's never been anything but a coastal republican talking head.

Anonymous said...

And a tool for Dad29 to link to when given the change to use her.