Saturday, November 02, 2013

ObozoConomy, ObozoCare

The rise of the oceans is over.

So is the rise of individual earnings.

/........the real median earnings of Americans dropped in the third quarter of 2013.

.....and it has dropped 3.5% since '09, the end of the recession and the beginning of ObozoConomy.


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Anonymous said...

Not everyone's doing poorly, "The number of workers making $5 million or more grew almost 27 percent, to 8,982 workers, up from 7,082 workers in 2011. Total wages earned by these highly paid workers grew 40 percent — 13 times the overall increase in compensation for workers.

Even higher up the ladder, the number of workers making more than $50 million soared even more, from 93 in 2011 to a new record of 166 people in 2012."