Monday, November 11, 2013

This Ain't Your Father's Milwaukee


Factoid from David Clarke:

Forbes magazine recently released its survey of the most violent cities in America, and it shouldn’t be surprising that Milwaukee cracked the top ten of most dangerous cities.  No amount of data manipulation can change this grim fact.

That's not what the "tax a new Bucks arena into existence" gang wants to hear, is it?


Paul Kersey said...

Milwaukee is 40% black. There's overwhelming evidence that anytime a city is over 33% black, crime goes up exponentially.

Anonymous said...

All the while, the white suburbs continue to sing the praises of Sheriff Bart who has utterly failed to bring down the rising crime rates.

Anonymous said...

Are those figures before or after Ed Flynn's magically massaged statistics?

Anonymous said...

Eddie probably uses the 3/5th formula to make black crime worth only 60% of actual crime

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, the days of Harold Brier. Seashells and balloons, right Dad29?

Anonymous said...

Cormac Brissett, a candidate with a questionable past is now a candidate with the Salvatorian Order.

Check this out-he signed a protest petition with David Thorstad the founder of NAMBLA.

What quality men the Salvatorians are getting to join them.

schmenz said...

Of course Mr Kersey is quite correct, and it is a very sad fact of life. Not too long ago Milwaukee was a quiet, pleasant place to live and work. I know. I grew up there.

But now boom boxes in cars drive around rattling storm windows, litter is being seen everywhere, formally safe neighborhoods are being targeted by fatherless young black males for theft, rape and assault. Voter fraud has become endemic in the "hood" (and elsewhere), idiots in the Common Council speak nonsense about the causes of this explosion of crime, housing values plummet as denizens of the city's ghettos come to live in formerly peaceful neighborhoods.

It's so horribly, horribly sad.

Anonymous said...

Well said schmenz, well said...

Saint Revolution said...

All overpaid overpensioned uncivil serpent parasitic sociopathic "bent" "screw-loose" LEO are criminals and liars. They lie to courts, juries, judges, taxpayers, citizens, defendants, in their reports, to each other, and, yes, they lie under oath on the witness stand.

Are there any good LEO?



The "good" LEO will NOT "step over" "the blue line" and report their bad LEO "brothers".

It is simple logic, then and therefore, that the "good" LEO are bad by complicity...and become instant liars, to boot.

The Crime Of Reporting Crime:


"...inflated crime reports help finance more cops, courts, and prisons..."

"...the reporting of crime is now a commodity that is marketed to make revenue for a number of industries and interests. Crime is big business for the lawyers, bail bond agencies, city and county court departments, correctional facilities, as well as companies which sell crime prevention gadgets, and, of course, insurance companies that make money on fear and the spectre of being a victim. Crime is a money-maker even for the medical industry. It should be noted as well that entire non-profit organizations are created around the industry of crime in America..."