Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pure Ugly "Recovery"

The Recession remains present.

Text explanation for Statist/Lefty/Democrats at this link.


Saint Revolution said...

Barry Soetoro.

The know-nothing,
Brzezinski marionette manchurian candidate stooge,
idiot fraud demon seed despot wannabe
that thought the world would let him learn as he went.

When did the US presidential seat become an on-the-job-training no-previous-qualifications-needed roll-the-dice slot machine?

All the PR bullshit that absolutely nobody ever bought into...ever:

he is NOT experienced;
he is NOT intelligent;
he is NOT charismatic;
he is NOT charming;
he CERTAINLY is NOT handsome;

he was NEVER experienced;
he was NEVER intelligent;
he was NEVER charismatic;
he was NEVER charming;
he CERTAINLY was NEVER handsome.

Clown OBozo with those ODumbo ears was and is only one thing: an narcissistic megalomaniac douchebag fraud liar sociopath of the first order...

...who, like all sociopaths, actually believes anyone ever bought the bullshit snake oil he peddled.

Two stolen elections to illegally traitorously treasonously gain power followed by six years of traitorous treasonous law-breaking and Constitution-trumping/thumping to get what he wanted.

We The People be damned.

Buy more fucking ammo.

...and here's just one of the results of his planned TaxPayer/DHS-financed tactical LEO "army" to support his tyrant-wannabe sociopathy:
Cracked-In-The-Head Lying Cop Murders Citizen In Saint Augustine.

Sociopaths hiring sociopaths.

Anonymous said...

And, yet, Timmy remains unemployed for nearly half a decade...because he blames Obozo :)

Anonymous said...

How's he going to buy more fucking ammo if he hasn't had a job in half a decade?

Anonymous said...

That's not accurate. I've been employing St. Revolution over the past few months to teach me the fine art of gerbiling.

Anonymous said...

This is how St. Revolution is able to make ends meet:

I pay him for regular, unprotected anal sex and watersports. For an extra $250 a month, I will defecate in his mouth and he will swallow it.