Friday, November 22, 2013

Managing Election Results

OK.  You can have your Voter ID.  The Dictatorship will simply change some mandates.

The Obama administration plans to push back by a month the second-year start of enrollment in its health program to give insurers more time to adjust to growing pains in the U.S. law, a move that may stave off higher premiums before the 2014 congressional elections. 

The enrollment period, previously scheduled to begin Oct. 15, 2014, will now start Nov. 15...

Not to worry.  Paul Ryan will continue to fund all this stuff.


Anonymous said...

"Not to worry. Paul Ryan will continue to fund all this stuff."

So, I imagine that since you have trust issues with the golden boy, and because you despise Jim Sensenbrenner, you are naturally going to run for office to fight for what is right for Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

Imagine. Tweaking things to make a plan to insure 40 million people succeed.

Anonymous said...

The best part about the exhanges is that data is unsecured, making it a hackers paradise.

In the past six days, I've been able to blackmail at least two dozen men into unprotected anal sex. Knowing Barack Hussein Obama is helping me have freaky sex makes it so much hotter.