Saturday, November 16, 2013

"The Insurers" Were Paid Off

Read between the lines, folks.

...Mr. Obama met with chief executives from more than a dozen of the nation’s largest companies in the Roosevelt Room for more than an hour in a session that insurers said was wide-ranging. Other issues discussed included a suggestion being floated by some in the insurance industry that they be allowed to enroll people directly, rather than through, the government’s troubled website. But the insurers said the president had agreed that fixing the site’s remaining problems was a critical priority. 

The insurers, many of whom expressed anger that the president had not consulted them before Thursday’s announcement, said they had come away from the meeting willing to work with the White House on the cancellation issue and still protect the financial viability of the new insurance marketplaces. 

They did not discuss in detail how the president’s goal might be achieved

Translation:  going into the meeting they knew that King Barack's New Decree would bankrupt some (or all) of them.

Going out of the meeting, they are "willing to work with" King Barack but "did not discuss in detail how" it might work.

This is not hard.  They were told that King Barack will provide taxpayer dollars (actually, funny money--there are no "dollars" there) to make up for the losses.


Anonymous said...

You are forgetting:

1) The "fix" is totally voluntary on the insurers' part. They don't have to do it if they don't want to.

2) There is no requirement to buy insurance through an exchange, and certainly not through The obvious proof of this is that insurers who are discontinuing non-compliant policies are directly offering replacement policies to their customers.

You can buy it at WalMart, CVS, Walgeens, or Rite-Aid. Or through a broker. Or directly from an insurer. Or by phone or mail.

Do you have a source for the last sentence?

Dad29 said...

Points one and two are irrelevant, as you know.

What is offered may or may not be legally compliant, and certainly will be more expensive. If it's not legally compliant then an insured has the right to sue for claims NOT paid if the insurer is acting under King Barack's "waiver."

That is a problem, no?

So King Barak told them that he would "re-adjust" HHS re-imbursement criteria. That news broke 2 days ago. Can't help it that you're not paying attention, anony.

But as a hint to you, see "Risk Corridor" in this post:

That's the payoff.

Any more questions?

Anonymous said...

"What is offered may or may not be legally compliant".

No, it MUST be legally compliant. You either get the old non-compliant policy of a new compliant policy. There are no new non-compliant policies that can be offered which satisfy the mandate.

"and certainly will be more expensive"

Many are finding that this is not the case especially if they don't accept their insurer's offer without asking if they offer less expensive plans.

Dad29 said...

You can offer proof of your last paragraph, of course.

You're like Nancy Pelosi and a lot of used-car salesmen. Doubletalk.

Doesn't work here. King Barack will indemnify non-compliant litigation and will modify 'risk corridor' calcs to "help" insurers.

IOW, he's not only a lawbreaker, he's a conspirator and facilitator of fraud.

And all you have is your doubletalk.