Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Common Core" v. Catholic Scholarship in Milwaukee

It's curious, indeed, that the Milwaukee Archdiocese has adopted "Common Core" yappaflappa, and is perfectly happy with stifling opposition speech.

Even more curious when you consider this from a Colorado charter school:

...WHEREAS, Ridgeview Classical Schools have successfully pursued and proven the value of rigorous academic standards in a program that combines academic and character education, as well as an appreciation of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful that is possible only through a classical, liberal arts curriculum that treats the individual student as an end in himself and as the inheritor and future steward of a rich legacy dominated by the ideas and values of our Western heritage;

WHEREAS, the Common Core State Standards, while potentially exceeding previous state standards in certain respects, do not accurately assess the rich curriculum that has been conveyed to Ridgeview’s students, nor does it value any of the intangibles that make up much of a liberal arts curriculum;...


Are the Archdiocesan schools tossing 'the true, good, and beautiful' elements down the crapper?  Or are their students going to "fail" PARCC?

Just curious, ya'know.


Anonymous said...

We're curious, too. Does the pervert lawsuit mean the Dioscese is bankrupt or that it can hide the money and get away with it?

Anonymous said...
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Saint Revolution said...

Catholic Leaders Won’t Allow Common Core Critics To Meet On Church Property

However, keep in mind that "Dr." James Pesta is a member of the pain-in-the-rump-for-taxpayers overpaid over-pensioned over-benefitted Wisconsin public university system as an assistant professor of English, College Of Letters And Sciences, UW-Oshkosh, at a base of $50,460.00, which, I guess, is fair for an underemployed PhD if a private university wants to pay such. The question always remains whether someone with such learned credentials is actually needed where public tax dollars are the concern.

My answer is always NO.

Assistant professor of English for $50,460.00 plus benefits and pension?

Uh, uh.

His position is not even full time.

Just because someone decides to get a PhD education doesn't mean any system needs or can absorb them as an employee.

Also, per a quick Intelius search, Pesta has spent his entire career working in the "shelters" of university "worlds" and higher academia..."worlds" profoundly known for not understanding nor caring about real-world concepts such the likes of profit, survival, and scratching out a living, not to mention having to save for retirement versus having all retirement investing and saving done for you. Over a career, the amount of time alone this opens up itself is astronomical compared with private sector employe who have to concern themselves with 100 percent of their retirement, stripping them off countless weekends and nights that could otherwise be spent.

Thus, there is a little bit of an element of hypocrisy...fight for the children while ripping off the taxpayers.

Pesta's resistance to Common Core is, of course, certainly admirable. It would be a little easier to swallow and digest if he were a private sector Daddy struggling like the rest of us without an government umbrella and parachute.

If you think about it, Pesta is actually "biting the hand that feeds".


Not the best image for Listecki either.

I am, of course, personally against Common Core.

schmenz said...

Listecki is just simply an uninspiring dumbhead, and the sooner we come to that realization and stop treating him as some sort of Gift of God to Milwaukee the better we all will be.

His leadership of the diocese thus far has been a failure, certainly in terms of doing the only thing he really should be doing, namely: passing along the Catholic faith. I don't want to be too hard on him because he hasn't been in Milwaukee all that long. But he just is not a particularly bright bulb and he speaks in cliches and buzz words that may please the CEO of a corporation but no one else.

Why Rome keeps sending Milwaukee men like him, Dolan and Weakland is completely beyond me.