Thursday, November 21, 2013

Blue States Reject Obozo

Well, well.  Seems as though the true-blue Collectivist States think ObozoCare is just fine as written.

New York joins Washington, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Indiana in rejecting the President’s proposal.  Zippers quoting CNN

That's OK!  States are supposed to be 'laboratories.'  Some will, some won't.  If nothing else, it can be said that those States understand the Constitution as written.


Anonymous said...

That is the intent. Good for them, good for him, and good for ACA.

Dad29 said...

Too bad that ObozoCare is bad for the country, eh?

Anonymous said...

Why is controlling health care costs bad for the country?

Dad29 said...

So far, ObozoCare hasn't controlled shit. ObozoCare has only one way of 'controlling' healthcare costs: cutting them.

But that's not why it's bad for the country. That's only bad for the dead/untreated/under-treated.

After premiums go up, co-pays go up, and the stop-losses go WAY up, you might learn why it's "bad for the country."

But as dense as you are, I doubt you'll learn anything before cost-cutting leaves you at room temperature--like your brain is.

Anonymous said...

ACA hasn't taken effect yet, dipshat. Talk about dense. Fock, everybody's premiums and co-pays have been going up for years. Before ACA what did you attribute rising rates to?

Your tribal allegiance is apparently clouding your limited abilities.

Dad29 said...

Oh it hasn't?

Those policies were cancelled because it has taken effect. The nominal date is 1/1/14; but the effects are already in play. And let's not forget the taxes already being collected pre- 1/1.

Before ObozoCare, dense one, one could choose a policy which fits one's gender and prospective needs.

With ObozoCare, one gets the "one size" policy. Rising costs in the past were due solely to utilization and/or increases in provider prices.

Now it's due to ObozoFiat: whatever he wants, we pay for.