Sunday, November 03, 2013

Krauthammer's True Colors: Confused

Krauthammer is a bright, but confused fellow.  McCarthy demonstrates:

This week, Dr. Krauthammer, Washington’s most influential expositor of mainstream GOP thought....gave as clear an account of the modern Republican conception of “conservatism” as you will find. Fittingly, he did it on the program of progressive commentator and comedian Jon Stewart. Today’s smartest Republicans, self-aware enough to know their core views deviate significantly from those of conservatives in the tradition of Buckley, Goldwater, and Reagan, are more likely to say what they think to Jon Stewart....

Sykes has often stated that he is 'not a Republican, but a Conservative.'  Hell, that formulation is not exactly new, either; Buckley certainly had little use for the (R) establishment in his later years, and Reagan fought a bloody war with those bozos to capture the nomination.

So yah, Krauthammer is wrong.  By no coincidence, Krauthammer lives in the DC area.

One more thing:  Krauthammer's disease makes the parallel case for term limits.  Think about that, Cong. Sensenbrenner.

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Anonymous said...

Krauthammer doesn't have a leg to stand on.