Friday, July 26, 2013

Was RoJo Bought Off by McConnell?

It appears that RoJo has been given a shiny object to pursue--"getting a handle on the debt/deficit with Obama & Co."--so that he'd keep his mouth shut and eyes closed over ObozoCare.

(In passing, we heard Jim Sensenbrenner tell us that 'Obozocare can't be de-funded because it's an entitlement.'  Really, Jimbo?  You think we're as stupid as that, Jimbo?)

Here's Protein Wisdom's take on the Senatorial Quislings who have refused to sign onto Lee's proposal:

...What brought Levin to state this so bluntly, using words like “quisling” to describe OK’s Tom Cole, is the reaction of the GOP leadership in the Senate to the Mike Lee proposal, which would fund all the rest of the government, but would ask the House to refuse to fund ObamaCare — the ready occasion for such a brilliant strategic broadside being that Obama continues to re-write the law on the fly, handing out waivers and delays to corporate interests while insisting that private citizens and smaller businesses get no such grace period.  This is law by whimsy, which means it is no stable law at all.  It is lawlessness and imperial diktat.

The Lee plan — which McConnell has remained silent on, but whose position we can glean from Cornyn’s sudden desire to have his name removed from the Lee letter, McConnell being the only Senate Republican who can put pressure on Cornyn — is being actively opposed and publicly criticized by Republicans, who insist that because Obama is President, the measure is nothing more than a “temper tantrum” (Cole, a Boehner Lt.) and “one of the dumbest ideas” Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) has ever heard.

Such outrage!  Such sturm und drang!!  Such asinine remarks!!  Such willful blindness wrapped in a cloak of righteousness!!!

To be clear, the measure would not shut down the government unless Obama and Reid decided to shut down the government.  And even then, the GOP House can pass bill after bill funding all other aspects of the government, leaving the ball in Obama and Reid’s court.

Beyond even that, the strategy is a political winner — not just a Constitutional and fiscal winner.  And that’s because it amounts to the GOP keeping it’s [sic] promise to repeal ObamaCare, not by way of symbolic votes that will always go to the Senate to die, and so are not votes to repeal ObamaCare at all; but rather by using the power of the purse to defund inequitably enforced and wildly unpopular law.

So why all the screeching from the harpies (yes, they're not really masculine) like Burr, and the treachery of McConnell?

This is, as I’ve noted a million times here, the perfect way to pull the veils off of the GOP establishment and its ruling class designs.  It essentially puts an end to the Kabuki theater we’ve all been witness to from the GOP leadership (who I’m convinced secretly salivate over the power and revenue ObamaCare will bring into the government) and forces them to show their faces:  any Republican who does not support the measure is, in fact, voting to keep ObamaCare and see it implemented and taking root.

And RoJo--who GOT ELECTED because he wanted to eliminate ObozoCare--sold his birthright for a mess of pottage:  sitting in the White House, lifting his little finger and having tea over "defining the deficit."

Even Wales would have been better, RoJo.


steveegg said...

Most of PlaceboCare's spending was indeed put into the "mandatory" category SocSecurity and Medicare are in and thus outside the regular order of year-to-year budgeting. With that said, the proper course is to put it in the regular order of year-to-year budgeting and then defund the entirety.

Dad29 said...


Haven't heard that Ryan (or Sensenbrenner, or RoJo) have attempted to do what you suggest, either, Eggster.

We are represented by chikenshit.

Saint Revolution said...

It is long past time to stop blogging stories (the statists actually think Americans are duped) about the PLANNED false flag failures between the two parties within the false framework of the facade of the bullshit two party system the elitists actually believe we are swallowing. Reporting on their PLANNED false flag failures is as big of a waste of time as the time they take to plan and execute the Kabuki theater they perform.

The real future is in combatting and defeating/stopping the CFR, Brzezinski, the one world order, etc. via reporting on what the statist elitists are pulling behind the scenes of the falsified and purposefully diversionary bullshit two party system. your eyes:
CFR Plan For Global Governance In 2013: The One Dictatorial World Party And Government

This is real and is happening now

...continued below...

Saint Revolution said...

...continued from above...

RoJo is a freshman sophomoric little Wisconsin farmer manpawndupe clueless to the TRUTH of what is really being planned...TRUTH that people like Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan have been villified for revealing and proselytizing; TRUTH too spectacularly vicious and evil for 100 IQ American apathists to believe or bother with (until it is too late); TRUTH that tiny little fucks such the likes of AnnieTroll right here on this blog try to obfuscate via horribly infantile disinformation...such transparent disinformation making no difference whatsoever nor having any effect at all on TRUTH; totally undeniable defensible TRUTH.

An entire paradigm shift needs to take place in political blog reporting, leaving behind the reactionary rhetoric to the bullshit false two party system and all its false flag Kabuki theater, and concentrating specifically on the proactive reporting on, exposing, and strategizing against the one world order.

To the chagrin of the one world order (and Brzezinski, specifically), there is an political awakening throughout the United States and the world that needs and requires constant and continuous nurturing and feeding via TRUTHful information exposure against the enemy. This political awakening is a dangerous and growing foe to Brzezinski and the one world order...and, after his ~50 plus years in politics working towards the one world order, he knows it...and is irritated as hell about it.

Stop wasting time being a reactionary pawn of Kabuki theater.

steveegg said...

Supposedly a full (including "mandatory") zeroing out of PlaceboCare is part of the House budget. We all know where that's ended up all three years that Ryan's been writing the budget (complete with no conference committee this year after the Senate finally passed its own version of a "budget").

Dad29 said...

Eggster, I'd be very happy to hear that the House Budget Committee has zeroed out ObozoCare, either this year, or in preceding years.

But if it WERE "zeroed out" in preceding years, why no screeching from the Left? Why no mention from Ryan (et al)?

Help me out here. Was it 'zeroed' prior to this? Or will this be the first crack at it?

steveegg said...

Two reasons:

- The House budgets have all died in the Senate, including the 2014 one that is waiting a conference committee.
- Even if the budgets had been adopted, it would still take actual legislation to implement the zeroing out of the "mandatory" spending because on the federal level, the budget doesn't have the force of law.

Dad29 said...


I KNOW that the House budgets have died in the Senate.

Which one of them specifically de-funded ObozoCare?

And when did the House move a law which revoked ObozoCare?

Pick any one.

steveegg said...

The legislation would be the ones that repealed PlaceboCare (which also died in the Senate).

The sad-sack truth is that PlaceboCare will die at the same time that the remnants of SocSecurity and Medicare will die - at the point of dissolution of the US. We likely won't be living when that happens.

Saint Revolution said...


Non-answers nonsense makes me dizzy.

Is it me, Dad, or are you still waitng for a simple straight answer?


Anonymous said...

"Stop wasting time being a reactionary pawn of Kabuki theater."

Mere bluster from St. Revolution. No guts, no glory.